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We Challenge You To Make $10,000/month In Passive Income In The Next 30 Days

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50% Commissions

As our AEOS Affiliate we believe you should get 50% of the Membership on an ongoing, recurring basis. That's an INSANE amount of Money.

Passive Income

AEOS considers our Affiliates to be partners for life, that's why we are committed to paying you for life of your customers.

Contests & Prizes

During certain times of the year, or in preparation of launches and/or event promotions, we run Affiliate contests and give out huge prizes.

60 Day Cookies

Affiliate Cookies have a 60 day time period before they expire. If at any time during those 60 days your click results in a sale, you get paid.


From time to time we believe you deserve a little something extra to show you how much we care about you. Affiliate only giveaways.


AEOS recognizes it's top Affiliates through Mega, Hyper, & Super Aff. Status jewelry. Each ring signifies a higher level of success. The 1%.

Join The Masters of the Universe. Learn From Us.

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